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Concentrating on serious personal injury cases. A catastrophic injury does not just affect the victim; it also dramatically impacts the victim’s family. If you have been a victim of an accident as the result of someone else’s negligence, then you have a right to money that will cover your losses. LEARN HOW YOU CAN BENEFIT!

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You also need to speak to an attorney immediately and not wait or valuable evidence may wind up being lost, which may affect your ability to file suit. The Atkinson Law Firm knows that time is of the essence in matters such as this, and handles each case expeditiously and aggressively. They know that each case they agree to litigate is important to the person who has brought it to them and personally deal with each client. When the law matters, The Atkinson Law Firm is there to make it work for you.

Can You Sue Someone Who Moved Out of the US?

If you entered a legal dispute with, or were injured by, another person who left the country, you may be wondering what you can do. Your right to pursue a legal claim against the person does not just disappear if they leave the country, but there will be additional steps in the judicial process, and […]

4 Considerations for Filing Taxes With a Personal Injury Settlement

You probably spent so much time battling back from injury and fighting for compensation last year that you can’t imagine having to pay some of your personal injury settlement out in taxes. And, for the most part, you won’t need to. But there may be some portions of the settlement or award that may be […]

Can You Sue a Doctor for Molestation or Sexual Assault?

Cases of molestation or sexual assault by a doctor seem unimaginably horrible. What makes these types of crimes so heinous is the violation of the public trust, as well as the likelihood of there being multiple victims. Unfortunately, these types of crimes occur all too often. Just recently, a California doctor was arrested for allegedly […]

3 Things To Do When Hit In a Rear End Collision

Getting rear-ended can be a frightening experience. You’re sitting there at a stop sign or red light, and out of nowhere, BANG! Even if you’re not seriously injured, you can be emotionally shaken, making it more difficult to figure out what happened, and what to do next. Whatever caused your rear-end collision to happen, there […]