Never Take Chances with Visually Inapparent Burn Victims

burn victim personal injuryElectrical burns resulting from electrocution may seem recoverable. But after seeing quite a few of these types of injuries during my years of practice as a New Mexico personal injury attorney, I can tell you that the real and often permanent damage lies hidden under the skin.

What makes electrocution one of the more unusual types of injuries is that much of the damage can’t be readily seen. The unseen damage, sometimes life-threatening, is often what confuses the individual and his or her family until a medical diagnosis. Unfortunately, electrical burns often cut deep into the tissue under the skin’s surface. Tragically, the tissue damage under the skin may be so extreme that a limb may have to be amputated.

High-voltage electrical burns typically occur at two points of contact – the source and the ground. In many accidents, the source is the hands or head and the ground is usually the feet or legs. As you might expect, the longer the contact with the source, the worse the injuries tend to be, varying from flash to flame burns.

Flash burns happen when an electrical arc passes over the surface of a person’s body. Usually sparing internal tissues, these burns may be superficial, although they do tend to be large in area. Flame burns or thermal burns result when a person’s clothes catch on fire.

Sadly, oral burns are all too common, mostly in children. Usually, from the child sucking or biting an electrical cord, causing the current to cross from one side of the mouth to the other. Damage may be so severe that deformity occurs. The child may go into respiratory arrest, since these burns may affect the airway. Don’t take chances with oral burns – seek medical care immediately.

Thankfully, survival rates for electrical burn victims have improved quite a bit over the years, despite cases of amputations. Treatment for burn victims is prolonged and very aggressive, requiring ongoing rehabilitation. This, as you would expect, will mean an enormous expense for the victim and their family. That’s why you need a dedicated and highly experienced New Mexico personal injury lawyer to help you recover damages and continue treatments and recovery.

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