When Will I See My Money?

Albuquerque Personal Injury AttorneyIn my post, How Long Will My Case Take?, we saw how compensation for the plaintiff’s medical expenses may not be easily discernable or quantifiable within hours or days of an accident, even if ultimately proving and winning their case.

Still, many defendants who win their cases expect the system to pay out almost instantaneously. Needless to say, that’s rarely the case. Let’s see what factors could drag out a judgment disbursement.

Judgment Disbursement Time Factors: The defendant may be at liberty to request one of two common post-trial motions:

  • Ask the judge to reduce or even set aside the verdict.
  • Make an appeal to an intermediate appellate or State Supreme Court.

Judgment Disbursement Payout Factors: The defendant will likely have to pay out one or more of the following expenses:

  • Unpaid medical bills
  • Experts witnesses (such as doctors)
  • Health benefits or long-term disability plan
  • Medicare
  • Attorney fees and any out-of-pocket expenses

Of course, every case is different and based on a unique set of circumstances. Any causes for comparative negligence must be carefully examined and weighed. That’s why you’ll want a well-accomplished personal injury attorney at your side.

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