Lawn Mower Personal Injury

lawn mower personal injuryThe buzz of lawn mowers in summer is a sound many of us don’t give a second thought to. But behind that buzz lies real danger and injuries. Have you ever considered what you would do if you or a family member were injured by a lawn mower?

If you think this is far-fetched, think again. Lawn mowers may seem harmless, but they are dangerous heavy machinery.

In 2011, 83,291 people were injured by lawn mowers, according to the Consumer Product Safety Commission. And of those, 3,780 were children under the age of 14.

There are many ways people can be injured by lawn mowers, such as:

  • Loose objects such as rocks and sticks propelled at high speeds when hit by the lawn mower’s blades;
  • Toes and limbs cut or severed by the lawn mower’s blades;
  • Children run over and crushed behind a lawn mower in reverse.
  • Riding lawn mowers operating on wet hills, rolling over on the rider, causing limb and chest injuries.

But operator negligence isn’t the only way injuries happen. Safety defects are another.

Consider these real life examples and rulings of product liability (safety) cases:

  1. An 88-year-old man was killed when a defective fuel tank caused the lawn mower to explode while he was riding it. The jury awarded the victim’s family $2.5 million dollars.
  2. A man sued the manufacturer of a lawn mower after he backed over his daughter, causing her severe injury. The father argued that the lawn mower was defective because it didn’t have proper safety precautions that would have prevented him from injuring his daughter. The parties settled for a confidential amount.

But as you might imagine, by far more lawn mower injuries are caused by operator error than product defects. While many operators may sue the manufacturer, evidence of their own negligence can greatly reduce their recovery.

Finally, here are some tips to help avoid lawn mower injuries:

  • Always wear protective gear such as goggles and closed-toe shoes.
  • Never allow children to play nearby when a lawn mower is being operated.
  • Never allow children to ride on a lawn mower, especially on an adult’s lap.
  • Pick up stones and toys that could become hazardous flying objects before mowing.
  • Never mow in reverse.

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