Do You Think You’ve Been Injured By Your Dentist?

dental malpracticeWhen we hear the term medical malpractice, we usually think of errors made by doctors, physicians, or nurses. What we don’t usually think of is negligence made by dentists. Unfortunately, mistakes made in dental care can be just as costly. Let’s examine three areas of dental malpractice.

First, dentists are expected to adhere to a standard of care. And that standard means maintaining a sanitary and safe environment of care — one with sterile equipment and free from disease. When dentists breach their standard of care, patients may have no other choice but to file a medical malpractice claim to recover their injuries.

Second, as you might imagine, dentists are held to ethical standards. One all too common example is the abuse of unwarranted treatment. Can you imagine a patient wearing braces for over ten years, considering the average time to wear them is three? It has happened! Meanwhile, the orthodontist was being paid fees for maintaining and adjusting the braces.

Despite many dentists’ tendencies to strongly suggest procedures, they are required to get informed consent from their patients regarding treatment options — otherwise, any treatment is unauthorized. In my previous example, it’s likely that if the patient had known that extra years of braces were unnecessary, they wouldn’t have agreed to wear them.

Finally, dental malpractice can come about from surgical errors. And that includes anesthesia used by oral surgeons. Any surgery carries risk. And sadly, deaths during what seem to be routine dental surgeries are not as uncommon as you might think. Dentists should be properly trained and certified to handle any exigency without exposing patients to additional harm.

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