Brain Injury in Children

If your child has suffered a head trauma, there’s always a chance that his or her behavior could eventually change. Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) in children is, unfortunately, not as uncommon as you might think, looking at the figure to the left. Many parents and others who interact with children on a regular basis are […]

What’s a Frivolous Lawsuit?

More than a few people have asked me over the years whether I think there are more “frivolous” accident lawsuits filed in recent times than ever before. Of course, a general question like that doesn’t warrant a specific answer without more information. What are the statistics at the time? Where did the stats come from? […]

What is Subrogation?

After your car accident, it was found that the other driver was entirely at fault. Your insurance paid your medical and car repair bills. All is done. Or is it? Next thing you know, the insurer is calling you to get more details about the accident. They mention the words, “subrogation” and “lawsuit.” What’s going […]

May is National Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month

Not only is May National Bike Month, but it’s also National Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month, a time to encourage motor vehicle drivers and motorcyclists to share the road with each other. We visited the grim statistics motorcyclists face on our nation’s highways. Although motorcycle registrations represent only about 3% of all vehicles in the US, […]

7 Things You Can Do to Make Your Driving Safer in Rainy Weather

I’m sure many of us in Albuquerque were taken aback by several days of rainy weather we had recently. It just goes to show that even in the high desert of New Mexico, we need to always be prepared for the hazards of driving in rainy weather. We may not think about it, but when […]

What Are Ultrahazardous Activities?

Ultrahazardous activities involve a risk of injury that cannot be eliminated even by the exercise of the utmost care. Those engaged in these activities are held strictly liable when something does go wrong. What that means is that whoever engages in abnormally dangerous activities has to pay for injuries caused as a result even when […]

What is a Deposition?

Some clients seem a little nervous or unsure of what to expect when they’re told they need to attend a deposition. That’s why this simple process should be fully explained before dropping this term on them, which they may not fully understand. A deposition is truly the easiest test you’ll ever take. It’s simply about […]

Your Personal Injury Case & Health Insurance

“I just want to make sure my accident bills are paid.” I hear this phrase quite a bit from new clients. Many don’t seem to care how they get paid, or by whom. But how does this process work? Well, a health insurance company is an insurance company. It’s in the business of assessing risk. […]

When Can You Sue for PTSD for Auto Accident Injuries?

When a person is injured in an auto accident, they may be entitled to recover monetary damages for their injuries. In some circumstances, an injury victim can be entitled to recover after suffering an emotional, or mental health, injury, such as post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), as a result of a car accident. Unless the […]

3 Tips To Determine If Your Doctor Is Incompetent

Thankfully, a doctor generally can’t practice medicine unless they’re competent to do so. Each state defines what requirements a doctor must meet to be considered, and remain, competent. Typically, doctors are required to complete a certain number of hours of course work, as well as do on-the-job training, and pass grueling exams. So I’ve developed […]