3 Considerations in a Nursing Home Injury Lawsuit

We all trust that the health and well-being of our loved ones will be put first and foremost. We want to believe that they will be monitored and protected. But what if that special someone should be injured, should you file a lawsuit? Since each personal injury case can be very unique, a lawsuit may […]

Your Public Transit Personal Injury Case

I’ve talked about many types of motor vehicle accidents on this blog — cars, motorcycles, trucks, airplanes, and boats — but there is one form of transportation I haven’t as yet covered — buses (and public transit in general). If you’ve been injured in a bus accident, you may be wondering what your chances are […]

Your Test Drive Ends in a Crash: Who’s Liable?

You’re out test driving your “dream car” and, before you know it, you’ve rear-ended the car in front of you! Ever stop to think who’s responsible for car accidents that happen during a test drive? Generally, accidents like these are handled like any other — with insurance. But there are a couple of factors that […]

If I’m Injured Abroad, How Do I Sue?

Have you ever wondered what you would do if you were injured while vacationing abroad? Think about it. You’re taking a bike tour somewhere in Europe when you’re suddenly struck by a car! You have a huge medical bill, and your vacation is ruined. What can you do about it? For the most part, if […]

Pothole Injury Lawsuit Claims

Whether on foot, on your motorcycle, or even in a car, unrepaired potholes can be a serious injury risk. A recent case in Utah proves how hard it can be to hold municipalities responsible for pothole injuries. In 2011, Salt Lake City resident Jeffrey Wood seriously injured his left arm when he tripped in an […]

10 Tips to Staying Safe While Shoveling Snow

Though Albuquerque certainly hasn’t seen one of our roughest winters so far, you never can be too sure when you’ll turn around and see snow and ice covering roadways, sidewalks, and just about everything else. Central New Mexico is no stranger to snow, and knowing how to deal with it is never a bad idea. […]

Can I Counterclaim in a Personal Injury Case?

When you first get news of a lawsuit against you, you may get so upset that you actually forget the plaintiff has caused harm against you, too — thus allowing you to sue them. After all, you can counterclaim in a negligence case. If someone sues you for injury and you believe that the plaintiff’s […]

If My Car Is Damaged by Road Construction, Can I Sue?

I daresay that most of us in Albuquerque are quite familiar with road construction. But have you ever thought what you would do if the road construction were to cause you to get into an accident? If your car is damaged by road construction (or by a road condition), can you sue the construction company […]

Do You Think You’ve Been Injured By Your Dentist?

When we hear the term medical malpractice, we usually think of errors made by doctors, physicians, or nurses. What we don’t usually think of is negligence made by dentists. Unfortunately, mistakes made in dental care can be just as costly. Let’s examine three areas of dental malpractice. First, dentists are expected to adhere to a […]

Can the Government Force Me to Waive My Injury Case?

Seems like every business is trying to get us to sign some form of a liability waiver — from medical facilities to fitness centers. Add to that ski resorts, cruise ships, campgrounds, and even school field trips, and it seems we’re signing more than a few waivers — and without probably giving them much thought. […]