Burn Injury Attorney

There is no question that some of the most severe personal injuries in Abluquerque New Mexico are burns, which in turn cause scarring. Whether the burns were sustained as the result of being in a burning car wreck or from an explosion of a defective gas barbeque, what matters is being able to seek damages for the resulting injury. What matters is the fact that those who have suffered burns have had their lives turned upside down and will now have to live with scars for the rest of their lives.

When someone is the victim of a burn injury there are usually three types of scars that may appear. The first is referred to as keloid scarring and is usually the end result of an overgrowth of scar tissue beyond the site of the original burn injury. What happens here is that the body keeps making collagen, even after the burn has healed.

These scars may be red or pink, but do turn brown over time. They may also be extremely thick, nodular and ridged. If the buildup of excess tissue is too extensive, this may result in a person’s mobility being affected.

Dealing with keloid scars is a long and involved, and painful process that may include therapies such as surgery to remove them, radiation, steroid injections, cortisone injection, cryotherapy and external pressure. In most cases, injections and external pressure are attempted first before surgery. Keloid scars tend to reappear every few years and thus treatment is ongoing, not a one shot resolution of the problem.

The second category of scarring is hypertropic scarring and these are an angry red, very thick and tend to be raised. Typically, they don’t extend any further than just the site of the burn itself and respond well in most instances to steroids.

The third category is contractures, and these scars are as a result of the skin tightening and contracting permanently. The problem with these scars is that they tend to also affect the tendons and muscles under them, which in turn may severely curb mobility and cause severe nerve damage. The scar develops when the normally elastic tissue under the skin is taken over by fibrous tissue, which has no elasticity.

While physical therapy may help people with this type of scarring, there is a high percentage of cases where surgery is required; usually a skin graft, flap procedure or z-plasty or tissue expansion. Treating burn injuries is expensive, painful, and usually long-term, and if the burn and subsequent scarring was the result of someone else’s negligence, you have the right to sue for damages.

Whatever the reasons were for your burns and scarring, the injuries you sustained may change your life. You may have a right to sue to recover damages for pain and suffering, medical bills and even punitive damages. In order for an attorney to assess your case, you need to provide all the information you can, including medical records, pictures if possible and insurance information, etc.

You also need to speak to an attorney immediately and not wait or valuable evidence may wind up being lost, which may affect your ability to file suit. The Atkinson Law Firm knows that time is of the essence in matters such as this, and handles each case expeditiously and aggressively. They know that each case they agree to litigate is important to the person who has brought it to them and personally deal with each client. When the law matters, The Atkinson Law Firm is there to make it work for you.