Catastrophic Injury Lawyer

While many people are familiar with being injured, very few realize there are various categories of injuries. Typically, classifications of injuries refers more to the legal arena, but it helps to understand what the differences are if you find yourself in a situation where you have sustained some very serious injury.

If you have been a victim of an accident as the result of someone else’s negligence, then you have a right to file to recover damages – money that will cover your losses. You should note that the nature of the damages being discussed here are catastrophic, not minor. Catastrophic meaning: exceedingly serious injuries with life altering consequences. Generally speaking, this type of an injury happens without any warning, right out of the blue.

There are several categories of injuries that are always classified as being catastrophic – multiple bone fractures, amputations, spinal injuries, brain injuries, severe burns and other neurological disorders. Other injuries may also include burns, organ damage, paralysis, paraplegia or quadriplegia.

The reason these injuries are automatically called catastrophic is because they generally cause a great deal of disruption to the central nervous system, causing problems in other areas.

When someone is the victim of a catastrophic injury, they will exhibit a reduced ability to communicate, have decreased cognition, loss of sensation due to nerve damage and loss of movement. The nature of the primary injury may also affect a person’s circulatory system and respiration, the digestive system, urinary tract and other bodily functions. In other words, if someone has suffered a catastrophic injury, they often have to just try and manage their injury on a daily basis; a complicated and painful, long-term process.

It is obvious that those who have suffered a catastrophic injury will need a higher degree of medical care and assistance over the remainder of their life. In cases like this, it is imperative that you speak to an attorney with experience in catastrophic injury cases. They know that the long-term consequences of these kinds of injuries are not always completely evident until years after the initial injury.

You should also be aware that an injury of this nature doesn’t just affect the victim; it also dramatically impacts the victim’s family. It’s the family that often has to take up the care of the victim and this may result in a significant upheaval, emotional, mental and physical, within the family hierarchy. A good attorney will be able to assist in recovering damages for things such as loss of enjoyment of life, mental anguish, pain, suffering, lost wages, permanent disability and medical bills.

Whatever the reasons were for your accident, the injuries you sustained may change your life. You may have a right to sue to recover damages for pain and suffering, medical bills and even punitive damages. In order for an attorney to assess your case, you need to provide all the information you can, including medical records, photos of the scene of the accident, insurance information, etc.

You also need to speak to an attorney immediately and not wait or valuable evidence may wind up being lost, which may affect your ability to file suit. The Atkinson Law Firm knows that time is of the essence in matters such as this, and handles each case expeditiously and aggressively. They know that each case they agree to litigate is important to the person who has brought it to them and personally deal with each client. When the law matters, The Atkinson Law Firm is there to make it work for you.