Child Injury Lawyer

Injuries to children are very difficult for parents to handle, both personally and legally. Children need a voice in Court, as do their parents.

“Several years ago, I represented a little girl kicked in the face by a horse. She sustained severe cosmetic injuries. That case eventually settled, and I have since then always had a special place in my heart for representing injured kids, whether they have been injured at the hands of others, in car wrecks, school accidents, livestock injuries, dog bites or in other accidents. I have also been appointed as Guardian Ad Litem in hundreds of cases involving injured minors,” said Scott Atkinson.

When it comes to representing children, Scott has a knack for helping the child through a difficult time and feeling ‘okay’ with the process and how it will unfold. It takes a special handling to treat injured kids with care, compassion, skill and dignity, and it takes a sensitive attorney who is driven to do his best for the injured child. Scott has the background and experience for doing just that.

The injured child also needs their best interest protected in seeing that the net proceeds are managed for the child’s future in the best possible way. This is often done through the establishment of a structured settlement. Scott has vast experience in seeing these investment vehicles set up for injured minors. A structured settlement is an investment that will pay the money out over time during early adulthood and sometimes beyond, depending on the severity and nature of the child’s injuries.

A parent’s worst nightmare is having something bad happen to their child. While they may feel their home is safe, one never really knows what lies just beneath the surface. You may child-proof your home to the best of your ability, but then unknowingly bring in something that you build for your child, or allow them to play with an unsafe toy manufactured in a land far away. It isn’t until something unexpected goes drastically wrong that you may have a in injured child, often in an extreme degree.

Toddlers and youngsters are notorious for sticking their fingers into anything they find that captures their interest, be it the wall outlet or the cat litter. You never know what they will get into next. The younger years are all about constant supervision to make sure they don’t trip and fall into a sharp corner on a coffee table or fall out of their cribs. Its one thing to be the supervisory parent and have control over those things that may be an obvious hazard to your child. It’s quite another to have no control over a situation that is safe on its face but proves to be harmful and dangerous to your child through no fault of your own.

The grief that results from an injury to your child may be overwhelming. In those unfortunate instances, when something that was supposed to be safe and fun for a child instead injures or kills them, a parent needs a compassionate, experienced attorney.

Statistics provided by the United States National Safety Council reveal that approximately 45% of unintentional child injuries and deaths at home are the result of poisoning, fire, drowning, choking and falls. In fact, children under the age of 1 that die unexpectedly in the home usually choke on an object. Next in line are falls. Approximately 1/3 of Emergency Room visits are for children under the age of 4.

Parents know all about safety devices that keep little fingers away from deadly things. Cabinet latches are great to keep toddlers out of cabinets that may contain knives, as well as other sharp or poisonous items. Safety plugs to keep pinkies out of electrical outlets and doorknob guards on all doors that exit outside are a must. Alarms that sound when a door opens will alert you to a wandering child.

Most of these products are easy to install and use, and are often inexpensive, bringing with them peace of mind for the safety of your child. What a parent does not expect after doing all those things necessary to safeguard a home is for a baby to suffocate by being trapped between the crib mattress and drop-down railing, or other horrible but equally unintended results.

This very tragedy has happened far too often since 1993, prompting the recall of over 2.1 million drop-side cribs. A very simple but deadly discovery involving crib hardware and the incorrect assembly of new cribs has resulted in unnecessary deaths. While a repair kit issued by the manufacturer may address the problem, that fix has come too late for some. Those parents may be in a position to seek redress from the manufacturer and distributor of such defective products.

Whatever may have caused your child’s accident, their injuries or death may change your life forever. You may have a right to sue to recover damages for their pain, suffering and medical bills. You may even have a claim for punitive damages. For an attorney to properly assess your case, you need to provide all the information you possibly can, including medical records, photos of the scene, insurance information, etc.

You also need to speak to an attorney immediately. Do not wait, or valuable evidence may be lost or destroyed, which may affect your ability to successfully prosecute your case. The Atkinson Law Firm knows time is of the essence in these important matters, and handles each case thoroughly and professionally. Scott knows that each case he undertakes is vitally important to the person bringing it, and he personally deals with each client. When the law matters, the Atkinson Law Firm is there to make it work for you.